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Sell LPS!



Sell your LPS toys!


Selling your LPS's is easy:

1.  Email us pictures of your collection. We can only buy clean unblemished items!

2. We'll confirm via email if we're interested and provide estimate quote

3. Please ship to:

325 N  F ST REAR
Lake Worth, FL 33460

4. We''ll contact you as soon as they arrive with our offer based on their condition.

Payment will be sent within 24 hours via Paypal or we can send you a check!



We have been buying selling and trading LPS's and other toys since 2003. We are well respected company with an excellent reputation. We have over 50,000 satisfied customers in all 50 states and many foreign countries. 

Our (Ebay user id: fastmatrix1) is a Top Rated Plus Power Seller with over 20,000 Positive Feedbacks. We have been selling on Ebay since 2003 and have overall Positive Feedback of 99.9%.

It is our policy not to send out payment until merchandise has been inspected.  If you have not dealt with us before and are hesitant to send toys without payment, please feel free to send a test shipment.  For instance, if we have offered you over $100 for your entire collection, it is okay to send a box worth only $10 or $20 (or whatever you feel comfortable with).  Once you are familiar with the way we do business, you can send more merchandise :)